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SOLID KNIFE, 11 1/2" STAINLESS -500, 4500, 4750, 4875

OEM#: 500

FITS: Globe

MODEL(S): 2500, 285, 300, 3500, 400, 4500, 4600, 4750, 500, 500L, 685, 715, 720, 725L, 765, 770, 775, 775L, 815, 820, 825, 825L

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Solid stainless steel slicer knife for the globe 285,300,400,500,500l,685,715,720,725l,765,770,775,775l,815,820,825,825l,2500,3500,4500,4600,4750 slicers . The knife is 11 1/2" in diameter and has 6 screw holes. The GS23-832 screw pack (6 screws per pack) are designed just for the attachment of your knife. Be sure to also keep a good set of sharpening and truing stones on hand to keep the slicer knife sharp and free from burs. The GST-1 stone set is a perfect match to go along with your knife. Good maintenance habits would include using the USX100 stone cleaning brush to keep the stones clean and fee of debris. Don't forget your safety glove B328 to protect yourself while cleaning and changing the knife as well as your bottle of mineral oil, L04, to keep everything lubricated properly.
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