Meat Processing can be intimidating if you are doing it for the first time. If you plan to process your own meat, then you need to have a basic understanding of the technique and where the different cuts of meat are located. It is also crucial to have the right equipment, especially a good set of knives and a meat grinder.


Meat grinders are a useful piece of equipment. It can help you process scraps into ground beef, hamburgers, sausage, etc.



Here are some helpful tips:



1. Use a sharp knife to trim after deboning all the meat, separating it into the various muscle groups.


2. Cut the meat into cubes no larger than two inches, and also make sure all connective tissue is trimmed away.


3. Keep your meat refrigerated until you’re ready to process it.


4. Before grinding your meat, it is important to make sure the grinder and its components are cold. You can put components in ice water or place them in the freezer.


5. Choose the right plate. Plates with larger holes will make for a coarser grind, smaller holes yield a finer grind.


6. Place a tray underneath the grinder to catch the meat as it extrudes.


7. Get Grinding!



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